Hawaiian Telcom "When We Connect" Brand Spots

The Challenge

Hawaiian Telcom, Hawai‘i’s leading technology, communications, and entertainment services provider, faced competition from all directions. It’s primary competitor consistently spends nearly four times more on paid media. In this environment, Hawaiian Telcom’s success depends on presenting a brand and messaging that is easily recognizable and rises above in the crowded marketplace. For many years, Anthology has worked with Hawaiian Telcom on its well-received retail advertising. We monitor leads and sales and make sure the messages are meeting customers’ needs. In 2019, we were challenged to mix the strong retail messaging with an authentic, memorable brand campaign that tied into the values of the company and reminded existing and potential customers of the importance of Hawaiian Telcom today and into the future.

The Solution

In order to meet Hawaiian Telcom’s objectives, Anthology wanted to highlight how Hawaiian Telcom keeps people connected – via Internet, phone, technology infrastructure, and a host of digital collaboration tools. The resulting campaign tells the stories of their devoted team members who connect to their island communities and help make a difference. The campaign revolves around the brand credo:

When we connect, something beautiful happens.
We laugh. We love. We comfort. We share.
When we connect, we carry on traditions.
We reveal the aloha in our hearts.
We reach out to the world... and make our home a better place.

With multiple TV spots, digital videos, individual vignettes, and a social media campaign, 10 employees’ stories were selected to highlight Hawaiian Telcom’s connectivity. The strength of the messages resonated far beyond paid and social media. Internal employee rallies and programs reinforced the company values and provided evidence that Hawaiian Telcom provides the connections that make our lives better. The campaign launched prior to the pandemic, but the brand positioning has proven to be very relevant and Hawaiian Telcom’s sales remained steady through the tumult of the COVID-19 economic crisis – a remarkable achievement. The campaign won 10 awards at the 2020 Addy Awards including Best Integrated Campaign, 10 awards at the 2020 Pele Award Ceremony, and one of 15 regional shows for the American Ad Federation.