Hawaii Community Foundation

The Challenge

Last year, 2016, marked Hawaii Community Foundation’s 100th Anniversary. The foundation’s goal was to execute a marketing campaign that encouraged senior residents of Hawaii to put aside money in their wills for the local cause of their choice. Anthology was called upon to brand and execute the campaign along with redesigning the foundation’s website.

The Solution

We began by developing a half-dozen concept statements – titled paragraphs exploring different approaches to messaging. Not so much to pick a winner, but rather to identify particular phrases that resonated with the audience. Next, the Hawaii Community Foundation fielded extensive qualitative research via one-on-one interviews. Salient phrases were identified and ultimately woven into the overall messaging of the campaign, and their essence distilled into the overall theme:

“Give beyond your years”

The campaign continues today and has been validated by subsequent market research. Result: action taken to leave a legacy gift by a surprisingly high percentage of those who saw the campaign. In 2016, the American Marketing Association's Hawaii chapter awarded a GOLD Marketer of the Year Award to Hawaii Community Foundation for Best Nonprofit Marketing.