Kenworth Trucks: Launch

The Challenge

After working with Kenworth Trucks for 10 years, Anthology discovered that the trucking business is always innovating, and technology is playing a more significant role in the sector. The need to update Kenworth’s website was in line with a shift in both corporate marketing strategy, as well as the constantly evolving digital landscape. The previous website was designed to support a dealer-centric model, but the strategy has shifted to allow Kenworth to provide more of an active voice in the presentation of the trucks and technology. By building a website to present this core information about the trucks and technology, Kenworth also delivers on the expectation that such information is available for customers to research and not gated behind a dealer conversation. The objectives of the campaign were to modernize the design of the Kenworth website to reflect all of the company’s brand and product positioning; adhere to the rigorous IT security standards dictated by PACCAR, Inc., Kenworth’s parent company; and provide a platform for the launch of the T680 Next Gen truck optimized with best-in-class safety, aerodynamics, and technology features to create a forward-facing truck.

The Solution

Anthology developed a site that blended modern design and function to create an aesthetically brand-worthy presence that ultimately created a substantive web presence for their trucks and technologies. The design took a complicated subject and leveraged easy, graphic ways to show the benefits of each truck and its technology. The team created a “digital brochure” to highlight critical information and built the site on the most current content management system, which the Kenworth team has been using for the past 10 years. After launching the site on on February 4, 2021, the team received many positive reviews. Working with Kenworth and its parent company, PACCAR, allowed Anthology to gain national and international exposure to trends in both site design and technology security practices.