Selling workers comp insurance in the Super Bowl? HEMIC makes it work with premiere of new TV ads

Jan 31, 2014

HONOLULU: In keeping with the tradition of unveiling breakthrough TV commercials as part of Super Bowl Sunday, Hawaii Employers’ Mutual Insurance Company, Inc. – HEMIC – will premiere two 30-second ads on KHON (FOX) during coverage of Super Bowl XLVIII.

Created by Anthology Marketing Group, the new TV ads are the latest installments in the agency’s “No Worries” campaign that was introduced last year to elevate brand awareness of HEMIC’s unique expertise in providing workers compensation insurance to Hawaii companies.

Like its first two campaign ads for HEMIC, “Freezer” and “Orange Paint,” Anthology combines outrageous scenarios with dry humor to highlight the unexpected challenges that company owners and managers face daily, and why they at least don’t have to worry about their workers comp coverage.

Martin J. Welch, HEMIC Chief Executive Officer, comments, “The ‘No Worries’ campaign perfectly conveys the message we deliver to customers – let us worry about your workers comp insurance – and we’ve had a great response since its launch a year ago. They may not face the actual difficulties we show off in our ads – and I hope they never do – but they know we truly appreciate and understand their concerns. I really never imagined we would be using the Super Bowl to market the HEMIC brand, but the clever style and high quality of these ads makes this an ideal opportunity to launch our latest campaign.”

While many people assume the cost of Super Bowl advertising is high, the fact is, the Hawaii ad rates are actually very reasonable.

Anthology CEO Dennis Christianson adds, “While many people assume the cost of Super Bowl advertising is high, the fact is, the Hawaii ad rates are actually very reasonable. The Super Bowl reaches HEMIC’s target audience of company managers and small business owners in a way that is both effective and cost efficient. Working together with our media partners at KHON, we were able to put together a strategic package that expands HEMIC’s profile and reaches both new and existing customers, while working within their fairly modest advertising budget. And we’ve truly loved developing this campaign for them.”

The first new TV ad, titled "Faux Pas,” highlights every office manager’s worst nightmare – the accidental company-wide email distribution of everyone’s salaries.

In a second ad called “Spa,” a factory recall of tainted massage oil is revealed to the spa manager as she is in the middle of performing a massage on a client…using the tainted oil (which causes some very unusual side effects).

The commercials join two previous campaign TV ads that demonstrated the challenges of a fish warehouse that loses its entire inventory of clams (which was actually filmed in a Honolulu deep freeze warehouse with actors and crew working in 10-degree temperatures), and a paint supply company that runs out of paint…except for the color orange.

Since 1997, HEMIC has provided competitive pricing and superior service to both the guaranteed and voluntary workers compensation marketplace. Locally based, HEMIC is a member-owned private mutual insurance company and the largest provider of workers’ compensation insurance in Hawaii.