Website & Application Development


Anthology’s technology team’s responsibilities include the projects you expect - building websites and mobile apps, integrating multiple data sources and API’s, managing security requirements and troubleshooting. However, the tech team’s most important job might be to teach the rest of the company to think differently.

Anthology has been building websites since 1995. It means we are good at it, especially enterprise-wide websites that our integral to our clients’ operations and business objectives. The project managers, experience and visual designers, engineers, analytics experts, and account managers who architect and design these websites all reside under Anthology’s roof.

Ask the technology team to address a problem, and the solution might be a mobile app, a custom solution built into a website, an off the shelf software suite, a digital game or a detailed technical specification. The key to today’s successful applications is the critical thinking that goes into creating that solution and being able to provide the solution best suited for the problem. We feel it is important to keep those brains in-house.

At Anthology, the software development process is truly a team sport. We build all our websites, custom applications, and mobile apps to be maintained by clients once they are launched. We work with a wide variety of partners to bring our clients the technology platforms or the skill sets needed to solve today’s marketing and business challenges.

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