Quantitative research


Research Quantitative ResearchNothing helps inform smart business decisions like hard numbers, insightful analysis and experienced counsel. A full-service, ad hoc market research company, Anthology’s Research Group leverages broad industry and issues management experience to provide clients with reliable, actionable information.

With extensive in-house resources and offices in Hawaii and Guam, our Research team executes on all aspects of quantitative research including design, fieldwork, data processing, analysis and reporting for clients throughout the Pacific region.

From accurately assessing market position and uncovering market opportunities to identifying messaging that resonates with stakeholders, we work individually with each client to thoroughly understand their unique needs and develop a customized approach to meet their objectives. 

We offer numerous methods of data collection for conducting quantitative research.

  • Telephone interviews – We conduct surveys with people on both landline and cellular telephones from our 30-seat, CATI-equipped call center located in our downtown Honolulu offices. When people receive calls from our call center (808-380-8960), we inform them that our purposes are strictly for market research and we do no product promotion, telemarketing, or selling of any kind. Participation in any survey is voluntary.

  • Online surveys – We utilize the latest online research technology to conduct surveys over the internet.

  • Intercept surveys – We are not shy about conducting interviews with research subjects in person and face-to-face, periodically using the latest technology in the form of tablet computers to ensure consistent and unbiased responses.

  • Mail surveys – We regularly use direct mail surveys for population segments that are unreachable by other means.
  • Mixed-mode surveys – In many cases, we use a mixed-mode approach that includes a combination of any of the aforementioned methods, expertly combined into a single data set for processing and analysis.

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