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Jury Research Facility PhotoCrafting a compelling story and weaving together just the right elements is as important in civil litigation as it is in marketing and communications. The stakes are high and there is little room for error in preparing a watertight settlement or trial strategy.

Anthology’s Research Group is one of Hawaii’s leading jury opinion research firms, having conducted research projects for legal firms in Hawaii and across the U.S. mainland.

Our robust research facilities offer private meeting and observation space for a single group of as many as 80 people and up to four simultaneous, separate jury deliberations.

No two lawsuits are the same, so our specific approach is tailored for each individual client. Whether full service or limited service is needed, we do it all.

  • Jury focus groups – Jury focus groups provide the opportunity to present the main themes and evidence of a case in an easily understood manner that is cost-effective. Generally, focus groups can be conducted early on in the trial preparation process and utilized to guide discovery, help prepare witnesses, and assist in preparing for mediation and settlement discussions.

  • Mock juries/trials – Mock juries/trials, in comparison to legal focus groups, can be designed to more closely reflect a trial, including the presentation of evidence and testimony, jury deliberations, and verdicts with damages.

  • Recruiting/hosting – We offer recruiting and hosting for legal focus groups and mock juries/mock trials. We can accommodate sessions during business hours as well as evenings and weekends to take advantage of the best times to maximize the available pool of panelists.

  • Multiple Jury Panels – Accommodates up to three mock-jury panels with alternates.

  • Viewing Rooms – Trial viewing for as many as 14 associates behind one-way mirror.

  • Conference Rooms – One jury deliberates in the trial room while two retreat to individual conference rooms.

  • Multimedia Technology – Video recording of proceedings and real-time video viewing of deliberations.

  • Anonymity – Neutral site protects anonymity of law firm.

  • Recruitment Support – Recruitment of jurists by Hawaii’s leading research firm.

  • Custom Programs – Program custom designed for litigation team’s desired learning.

  • Convenient Locations – Convenient downtown, Bishop Square, location with ample validated parking.

Jury Research Facility Photo

Jury Research Facility - Room One

Staging and Break Room

Staging and Break Room

Jury Research Facility Photo

Jury Research Facility - Room Two

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