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PR Travel Tourism HospitalityWhen it comes to travel, tourism and hospitality public relations in the Hawaiian Islands, Anthology is the go to source for information for local, national and international media covering the destination for print, broadcast, online and social media channels. Our team of best-in-practice professionals understands the significance of Hawaii’s legacy in the promotion of Hawaii in an accurate, authentic, and culturally responsible way. Which is why our clients rely on us to help shape and tell their stories in meaningful, engaging and inspiring ways.

But it’s not only about media relations and editorial placements in top travel, trade and lifestyle publications and outlets around the globe. We know there’s much more to a successful integrated public relations program.

It’s also about helping clients build strategic partnerships and identifying creative ways to help a brand break through the clutter in the marketplace. We’ve done it all – from themed press trips to the Hawaiian Islands and media blitzes to the media hubs of the U.S., to hotel and resort grand openings, consumer promotions involving activities and attractions, working with television production companies to showcase Hawaii’s delicious and evolving culinary scene, and much much more. We also collaborate with Hawaii’s travel, tourism and hospitality industry on a regular basis to enhance client programs.

It’s one thing to have media and industry contacts (which everyone will say they have). It’s another thing to possess the insight and local knowledge about a destination, brand, product or service to persuasively secure an editorial opportunity or promotional partnership.

Our extensive experience in the travel, tourism and hospitality sector enables us to bring all of that together for the benefit of our clients on a daily basis.

  • Media relations and editorial story placements
  • Media blitzes
  • Press trips
  • Special events management – grand openings, anniversaries, promotions, etc.
  • Media assistance to the Hawaiian Islands – print, broadcast, online, social
  • Newsletters
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Editorial services
  • Social media
  • Crisis and issues management
  • Research
  • Internal and external communications programs
  • Tourism marketing and promotions
  • Brand Development/management
  • Community building
  • Enculturation training
  • Creative design services

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