Branding & Advertising


Advertising Brand ServicesOur advertising and branding experts combine strategy, insight and award-winning creative to develop brands. We help global brands speak to local audiences, while at the same time enabling regional companies to reach customers in Hawaii and beyond. Our experience includes work in financial services, retail, technology, energy, health care, real estate, travel and hospitality.

We view brand as a clear, believable and easily understood definition of who a company is, what it does, and how people truly benefit – practically and emotionally – from its products or services. Our arsenal for branding includes research, competitive insights, client workshops and positioning exercises. Agency and client work hand in hand during this process to make certain the brand reflects the company.

Brand is ultimately a promise (or set of promises) to customers, employees and partners. It needs to be simple and well-articulated. And if a promise cannot be kept, then it is not a promise.

Advertising and all communications are built on the brand. We believe true “creative” is evidenced when the agency and the client find ways to solve a problem that has an actual impact on how other people think, feel and live their lives. A “creative” idea must work, be synergistic or be functional in some important way.

In order to do that, our marketing messages – ads, commercials, promotions, direct mail, online banners and all else – must be memorable. They must “stick.” If an ad cannot be recalled later, when the consumer is making a purchase decision, then it is, at best, merely entertainment. Our team prides itself in creating advertising that is both memorable and effective. We believe you can develop award-winning advertising that also helps clients achieve business goals.

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