Hawai‘i Gas

The Challenge

The Gas Company saw that every up-tick on electric bills was a lost opportunity to tell the story that “Gas is cleaner, greener and more cost-effective.” Anthology was retained to rebrand the company and tell that story.

The Solution

In addressing the challenge, it helped to have the Islands’ top focus group facility and a 30-bay call center under our roof. It also helped to have brand strategists, designers, writers and their digital counterparts all on the same team, in the same place, at the same time. The Hawaii Gas team was deeply involved in and supportive of the branding process and the new brand reflected the good energy behind the company and its product. After agreeing on a direction, we initiated staff buy-in for:

A new company name, Hawaii Gas

A new brand logo

A new company positioning statement

A new brand platform

Hawaii Gas Logo

Hawaii Gas Mobile Phone App

Hawaii Gas Surfing Mom

Hawaii Gas Beach Family

Hawaii Gas Chefs

Hawaii Gas Cups

Hawaii Gas Website